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Q & A

Ask yourself these questions when deciding on your camping accommodation…..a bit of thought could make all the difference….it’s important because this will be your home while you holiday.


Q. Is the accommodation suitable for my partner/family? Ask yourself, is the space cramped? Is there separate communal space inside and out?

Comfort is an important factor to make sure everyone really enjoys their camping holiday experience.  Unlike caravans & camper vans, all our campers have separate internal sleeping & living/cooking areas provided by a full annex plus plenty of additional awning areas outside and when you want to enjoy some rest our campers are all fitted with Queen Size mattresses to assure a good night’s sleep.


Q. What is included in the hire rate and what extras do I have to pay for?

We’ve given thought to everything you’ll need from a functional perspective and a few ‘special’ extras you might not expect but will appreciate when you’re camping e.g. a full size marine carpet mat for the sleeping area, plenty of internal 12V & 240V lighting, USB ports with adaptors and 240V power points for other extras you may want to bring such as a laptop. 


Save time planning and packing the car when preparing for your trip. All our campers have kitchens with gas cooktops, sinks with running water, chairs, table and large ice boxes which will usually keep ice for 3-6 days. They are also equipped with a full complement of cooking and dinnerware items… even a bin and dishwashing items so you don’t have to live in mess. 


No need to pay more for these extras… it’s all included in our standard hire price.


Check our Inclusions which you can download as a PDF and use as a guide when you’re packing to travel, just in case there is anything else you want to bring.


Q. What about if I want a little something extra?

We have plenty of optional hire items to choose from…. fridges, microwaves, bbqs, generators, battery charges and a whole lot more….just see here for our Optional Extras.


Q. I’ve never used a camper trailer before and am not sure how hard it is to erect?

Setting up camp is easy and a great way to involve the kids. We provide a step-by-step illustrated instruction manual complete with photos showing assembly & dismantle at every stage. There is also useful tips and information to make it simple for novice campers. We also give you a quick run through when you collect your Aussie Spirit Camper, so you can't go wrong when you're ready to ‘make camp’. Plus, we’re only a phone call away if you’re unsure about anything and have questions.


Alternative, if you want your camping holiday to start the moment you arrive, we can do it all for you.  We’ll deliver/pick up, ‘make camp’ and/or ‘break camp’ for you for an additional fee. Just check our Delivery page.

Q. What sort of vehicle do I need to tow the camper trailer?

Our camper trailers are light to tow at only 750GVM, so any 4 cylinder vehicle with a tow bar and 7 pin plug will be suitable.

Q. What sort of battery power does the Camper Trailer have?

Each camper trailer comes with one fully charged 100 amp hour battery which can be connected to 240 Volt mains power via the supplied 15 Amp extension lead. All approved caravan park circuits are rated at 15 amps. The battery system will provide 12V power for lighting, pumped water and internal appliances such as a fridge, for 3-4 days with normal usage.  

Additionally, all trailers have an Anderson plug attached to the 12V power supply for external charging, for example, from your car whilst travelling or from our 120W Solar Panels which are available for hire to top up your battery charge daily for extended stays at unpowered sites. Alternatively, you might opt to hire one of our battery chargers, 2KVA Generators or our Portable Power Pack for additional power source.

Q. How big is the water tank?

Our camper trailers have a storage capacity of 80 litres and are easily refilled. On average you should cater for 10 litres per person, per day. 


Q. Where can we camp?

Caravan Parks

Many campers enjoy the ease of staying in a caravan park with all amenities on hand. The North Coast of NSW has an extensive network of caravan parks in great locations with many being located right on beautiful beaches.

Caravan parks offer essential shower and toilet facilities and many provide excellent recreational facilities for the kids. Whether a Powered or Unpowered site, you’ll usually need to book well ahead in peak periods.

National Parks

National parks are usually beautiful and peaceful locations to stay and many have areas set aside for camping. There are often showers, toilets, barbecues and picnic areas but no power. See here for a few favourites to start you on your search....

Free Camping

If however, you prefer to be away from the main coastal tourist spots, or if sites aren’t available, all Aussie Spirit Campers are fully equipped with everything you’ll need to free camp comfortably and enjoy the best of a ‘true camping’ experience. Just remember to check local council regulations regarding areas where free camping is allowed.

Q. What is the minimum age to hire an Aussie Spirit Camper trailer?

25 years of age.

Q. What type of Drivers Licence is needed to tow the camper trailers?

A valid Australian unrestricted driver’s licence is acceptable, including international licences however the licence must be written in English characters.

Q. Is there enough room to store our extras?

Once you have set up your camp, there is ample storage in the trailer itself for personal effects to be stored. The storage area can be accessed from either the kitchen area or underneath the bed.


Q. What safety features are included?

All our camper trailers include fire blankets or fire extinguisher, rear stabilizers, auto shut off water pumps, 240V breaker fuse, IPE 64 rated power boards, torches and spare tyres.


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